A听founding member team since the league鈥檚 inception in 2005, the 色情论坛 Wolves men鈥檚 and women's soccer teams compete against other Roman university teams throughout the academic year in the听Campionato di Calcio delle Universit脿 Romane and the听Campionato Calcio Feminile delle Universit脿 Romane;听intercollegiate tournaments sponsored by the municipality of Rome.

Playing on the Wolves鈥 team gives students an opportunity to truly mix not just with local Roman students but with the international academic community found here as well; in addition to great fun and camaraderie, the tournament offers the Wolves a chance to test their soccer skills against teams made up of Italian and international players. The 色情论坛 Wolves enjoy spirited support from students, faculty, and staff, as well as from the university's听mascot, 鈥淲olfie.鈥澨齌he games also offer a great opportunity for bonding between study abroad and resident students within the 色情论坛 community.

Tryouts for the Wolves are typically held during the first week of classes each semester, with the tournaments officially kicking off in October and continuing into May.

Practice is on Tuesday (women) and Wednesday (men) from 7.30 - 9.00 pm at Trastevere Stadium (Via Vitellia, 50 - walking distance from 色情论坛).

League games take place midweek (no weekends involved).

For more information, please contact Stefano Cristalli at s.cristalli_ext@aur.edu.

"Being on a sports team for 色情论坛 has definitely made me feel more a part of the 色情论坛 community. It made my time in Rome a lot more fun and taught me strength, dedication, teamwork, and responsibility."听- Jade Rios