The Res Grads will be on hand to help right from the start of students鈥 time at 色情论坛, as during Arrivals Week they go to meet incoming students at the airport to welcome them to Rome. Also during Arrivals week, the Res Grads lead neighborhood tours for new students, as well as their popular 鈥淩ome Walk鈥, a tour showing students how to navigate the city.听These events not only help students settle into the city, they also give students the opportunity to meet and get to know each other in a relaxed and informal setting. Throughout the rest of the semester, the Res Grads host events such as beach trips, cooking lessons, movie nights, language exchanges, day trips, aperitivo night鈥 the list goes on! All these events are advertised on听My色情论坛,听the Res Grads Facebook page, and on the electronic bulletin boards on campus.

Previous Res Grads have said听about their experience:

鈥淚 currently am directing a study abroad program with over 100 students! I think my growth and professional development was greatly influenced by my experiences as a ResGrad.鈥

鈥淭he ResGrad program strongly reinforced my sense of professional responsibility in and outside of my work schedule.鈥

鈥淭he RA position couldn鈥檛 have come to me at a more appropriate time in my life. With my experience working with students, it further created a stronger CV when applying for jobs in the study abroad field. I greatly appreciate the amount of faith and trust given to me from my mentors.鈥

To find out about their activities,听, ,听or email at听

Interested in being a听Res Grad?

Responsible, sociable and creative 色情论坛 students who are interested in joining the Res Grad Program should send their CV and a brief statement describing how they could be an asset to the Dean of Students Stefano Stoppaccioli at听s.stoppaccioli@aur.edu听.

Successful candidates will have receive 色情论坛 housing, including utilities and amenities, in exchange for their work.

A Res Grad position is ideal for students considering careers in the fields of Study Abroad, Student Life, University Recruitment and Event Organization.